A complete office, ready to go, straight out of the box.

Office in a Box

Imagine your entire IT infrastructure offsite. No more servers in the broom cupboard. This offering puts your file, email, print and domain in our private cloud (or if you prefer on a single device in your office that gets backed up to our datacentres).

We can upgrade the end user experience allowing your workforce to seamlessly access their workstation and applications from any computer or handheld device.

Broadfire's Office in a Box solution trumps the typical PC solution by enabling each end user to have a computing session without having to dedicate a desktop PC at each user's desk. Office in a Box is an all-inclusive, pre-tested, and easy to deploy solution that can be right-sized to the requirements of an SME and expanded in the future with modular add-ons like virtual desktop failover, storage and server virtualization infrastructure. Assessment and deployment services are also available through Broadfire's experienced partners.

  • Reduce Operational Expenses - Manage one virtual desktop OS for up to 100 end-users and reduce the number of operating systems to maintain by up to 97%.
  • Lowest Cost Per Seat - Reduce the per seat cost of a PC by more than 75%.
  • Works With What You Have - Integrates with your existing computing infrastructure, replacing costly PCs with simple, small and very durable NComputing access devices.
  • Deploys In Days, Not Months - Too many VDI solutions are a nightmare to implement and force companies to install more than is needed. We deliver solutions of uncompromising quality and simplicity, on time, every time.
  • The Ideal Desktop - Employees love the extra desk space, silent operation, and fast boot time. IT staff appreciate the quick set-up, simple operation, and data security.
  • Green IT - Build "green" computer networks and produce less e-waste and use less energy.
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Wireless Networking

Next generation wireless is now available giving speeds of up to 600Mb/s. This means building corporate networks without cabling is now a reality.

Business users can now enjoy video conferencing, streaming media and intensive applications from their handheld devices such as iPads and smartphones.

Our wireless deployments are very simple to scale up, use military grade AES encryption and include an easy to use webpage allowing managers to set up guest passes, kiosks and public web access.