Significant cost savings and a scalable, flexible and resilient call centre solution for your business.

Setting up a new call centre?

Call center software can help you better manage your business and increase profits. A study conducted by Loudhouse Research found that 69 percent of large businesses that directly serve customers think call centers are critical for generating revenue.

Increased Efficiency

Call center software can be programmed to offer an automated menu to direct customers to the appropriate department. This allows your customer service representatives to spend less time directing calls and more time solving customer complaints. A good automated system can also decrease labor costs by reducing the number of employees you will need to answer phones.

Improved Employee Training

Call center software can record conversations, the amount of time an agent spends talking to a client, and other important information. By carefully reviewing the information the software recorded, training managers can help call center employees improve personal weaknesses. Call center software can also help managers identify good workers, allowing managers to reward their best employees.

Recorded Call Data

If you have ever wondered about daily call volume or traffic during key times during the day, your call center software can easily offer, and in some cases analyze, this data. By knowing these basic statistics, you can better schedule employees to meet the demand.

Software can also tell clients how long they may wait before speaking to a representative. This information allows clients to decide if they want to wait or if they would like to call back at another time. Call center software should be able to compare long waits with the amount of hang-up calls. This information can help you decide if you should hire more workers during these times.

Combine Call Data With Customer Service

The ability to integrate customer service with call data is an important consideration for decision-makers. Directly integrating these two systems allows your business to direct customers to specific representatives who are experts at solving the customer's problem.

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High Speed Internet

Fibre optic and Ethernet networks give businesses an "always on" internet connection. It provides the backbone for next generation cloud services, freeing businesses from traditional technology constraints.

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