How can you properly plan for a disaster if you have little idea of the likely impacts on your business?

Business Continuity

Business continuity management and contingency planning are of course essential and unavoidable tasks. However, the creation of a sound continuity and contingency plan is a complex undertaking, involving a number of stages and discrete activities.

For example, initially it is necessary to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of disaster.... these are the building blocks upon which a sensible business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan should be built. Then the plan itself must be created... which of course is far from trivial. Then there are the maintenance and testing phases, to ensure that the plan remains current. Even having arranged all these matters there is audit to consider - and of course, there is the not so small matter of ISO27001.

Broadfire consider all these stages and to catalog some of the most highly acclaimed support products. Here you will find software to assist with business impact analysis and risk analysis. You will also find links to products to help you create and maintain the plan itself, as well as audit the plan and the arrangments in place to support it.

Whether you are entirely new to business continuity management, or whether you have a published and established contingency plan already in place, hopefully we can offer significant value.

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High Speed Internet

Fibre optic and Ethernet networks give businesses an "always on" internet connection. It provides the backbone for next generation cloud services, freeing businesses from traditional technology constraints.

Our partnerships with the key suppliers, along with our networks and technology infrastructure and cabling expertise, will help you secure the best deal and the right implementation for your particular business needs.